Mushroom season draws to an end

Mushroom season is almost over now.  At Westyard this year we’ve had a surprising bumper crop of Wild Field Mushrooms.  Lucky B&B guests might find it on the menu if they request to stay in for supper.

All hail the arrival of Harry!

Ed our Wiltshire Horn ram is off to pastures new.  We’ve had him over two years now and his daughters are ready for tupping so we can’t use him.  We need some new blood and have found a replacement.  Watch this space for news on the arrival of Harry… (above, Ed and his son – also sold and heading off to a smallholding near Plymouth this month.)

Eggselent Eco-Credentials!

As part of our eco-credentials we shred all our junk mail and office paperwork. Most of the shreddings go into the hen house and are used in their laying box – they find this very snuggly and comfortable, and as a result produce delicious eggs every day.  Sometimes, we get a message on an egg….this one is rather disappointing and underwhelming!

Announcing the arrival of Marcos this autumn!

Announcing the arrival of Marcos this autumn…..he’s a pedigree Dexter bull.  Looking at his paperwork he doesn’t spend much time at home these days.  He’s a busy chap, sewing his seed around the farms and smallholdings in Devon.  We are hoping he’ll make friends with our two lady Dexters, Little Miss and Sorrel, and next year we’ll have another round of calves.